FAQs Rajkot

What is the right time to meet your doctors in the hospital?

The patient may walk in between 11 am to 1.30 pm in the morning or 5 Pm to 7 Pm in the evening. However , few doctors are available only with prior appointments. And for emergency cases doctors are available 24×7 .

Is your hospital open in the night for all kinds of emergency?

Yes, our hospital is 24×7 open for Emergency cases.

What is the procedure for a patient to get admitted in the hospital?

For hospital Admission process, please get in touch with admission counter.

Is the deposit amount compulsory for all admissions in the hospital?

Yes, but in emergency cases sometimes if patient relatives may not carry money with them. Patient treatment is priority.

What facilities i can expect inside the hospital as a patient & for my relative who will be staying with me?

There are different categories of rooms available in hospital with different services. For more details please check with admission counter while getting admission.

What are prerequisites for a health check-up facility at your hospital?

There are different prerequisites for each package which can be checked by enquiring health check-up desk (0281-669 4283).

When do I collect my lab reports from the hospital?

After sample collection, you will be given time frame and place for collecting reports as time may vary for each test.

Is there a home service facility of sample collection, physiotherapy, nursing or doctor available in your hospital?

Yes, we home sample collection facility can be availed  I by calling 74051 74051 or 0281 669 4444.

Does the hospital have 24 hour Pharmacy?

Yes, hospital has 24×7 pharmacy.

If I have a medical insurance what would be the procedure for me to get admitted in the hospital?

Hospital has a dedicated TPA/Insurance desk . Team will guide for the same while getting admission.

In an emergency what are contact nos for your ambulance?

In case of any medical emergency please call : 0281 669 4400, 0281 669 4300,  74051 74051

What are the visiting hours at the hospital?

For patient privacy and safety the visiting hours are   11.30 AM to 12.30 PM  in the morning & 5.30 PM to 6.30 PM in the evening. One attendant can stay with patient for Ward admissions.

What are the tpa and insurance companies tied up with the hospital and procedure?

Detailed list of tie up TPAs and insurance companies are available at TPA desk.

What is admission criteria and process for ICCU patients?

Admission criteria and process for ICCU patients depends upon the patient criticality, specialist doctor decides patient admission in ICCU.

Is home food allowed for patient?

Hospital provides food for all the patients. On doctors’ advice sometimes home food is allowed for patient.

Do you offer any home care services?

Yes. Home care service facility of sample collection, physiotherapy, nursing or doctor are available.