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Brain And Nerve Care

The brain and spinal cord together form the central nervous system. This complex system is a part of everything we do. It controls the things we choose to do and hence even a small disorder can be of grave danger to our lives. Neurosurgery is considered the special realm of some of the world’s most respected surgeons. The surgeons at Wockhardt Hospital have the expertise of cutting-edge neurosurgery, with state-of-the-art technology to aid them in handling a wide variety of brain and spine disorders.

A team of highly trained specialists, nurse clinicians, physical and occupational therapists are a part of this department and they are well-equipped to provide patients with care in the field of neurosurgery. Our highly trained specialists offer extensive expertise in areas such as treatment of brain tumors and neurovascular disorders. We have achieved the status of being one of India’s finest neurosurgery centers and look forward to establishing international reputation for clinical excellence.